Reliant Valve Company

Your solid,  dependable choice for all                    your needs in valve modifications,
steam jacketed valves and testing

Reliant Valve has built its reputation on providing  quality, responsive personal service, and a commitment to our customer's needs.  In our many years of operation, our knowledge base has provided numerous companies with the  technical support  they need  to feel  confident  giving  us  their business .  Our   valve  modification  quality control  system  defines  the procedures,  processes, and over sight used to maintain and enhance our high level of workmanship . This  system  permeates  every aspect of our business.

Multi-stage  inspections  ensure  modifications  meet  each  customers
requirements .  This includes documentation of  all verified  first-article
materials used in the process,  and then final testing based on a customer
provided specifications. We see ourselves as problem solvers, and it`s old
fashion , but we do what we say we`re going to do.   Whether it`s  a non-standard  face-to-face dimension on a  steam jacket or the repair of a valve that`s  too difficult to replace,  we have  years of experence providing our customers the services they require.

Our welders are ASME Boiler Code Certified and we use
the lates in both MIG and TIG welding technology. We
keep Welder Continuity Logs on all welders based on
base line WPS Certifications.

TIG welding is our primary type of welding as 75% of are work is done with that process. We have 2 Miller Syncro
Wave 350  and 1 ESAB 350 TIG machine. TIG ( Tungsten
Inert Gas) uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to
produce the weld. The area being welded is protected by
a shieding gas like argon or an argon-helium mixture as
filler metal is added to the weld puddle. When  structural integrity, deep pentration and strength are needed , this is the process used.

When thick build-up or heat effected zones are an issue we employ MIG pulse synergic welding processes. MIG or (Metal Inert Gas) uses a wire feed torch with an argon
based gas that shields the arc. For this type of welding we use our Fornius Trans Pulse 5000 or our ESAB 450 CVCC
MIG machines.
Metals Welded:
    Carbon Steel                                Monel
    Low Temp Steel                          Nickel
    Crome Moly                                Hastelloy
    Stainless -300 & 400 Series      Inconel
    Duplex Stainless                         Incoloy

Valve Modification Services

By Pass Fabrications 
Bolted Bonnet to  Welded Bonnet
Bolting Changes  
BWE Valve Conversions 
Cavity Filler Seats 
Cryogenic Modifications 
Dye Penetrant Inspections 
Elastomer Seat Kits BV 
Elastomer Inserts Disc &  Gates 
Flange UPs 
Flange Facing
Forged Valve Modification
Hand Wheel Extensions
Hand Wheel Locking Devices
Helium Leak Testing
High Head Extensions
Live Load Packing 
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Nace MRO 175 Conversions 
Nitrogen Leak Testing 
Outside Lever & Weight  Check Valves
Packing & Gasket Changes 
Radiography Inspections
RTJ Modifications 
Steam Jacketed Fabracations
Testing API 598 - API 6D
Trim Changes (API 600)
Trim Changes ( Control Valve) 
 Valve Rebuilding