Reliant Valve Company

With a track record of superior service, we have been providing
top notch valve modifications, steam jacketed valves, and valve testing for our clients for many years. Services our customers
have come to expect and trust. Engineering firms, valve
companies , and end users have learned to put their full trust
in our company to deliver the level of technical support they
have required for three decades.

We serve numerous industries of which many operate in
demanding environments that require high standards of
safety, durability, and reliability. Through the years we have
worked with marine industries, pulp and paper firms, food
processors, refining companies, asphalt & sulfur processing
plants, and a number of petro-chemical companies.

Besides valve modifications, we also expertly fabricate weld-
on steam jackets that are used in any service where thermal migration is required to prevent an adverse reaction to the
media flow. We understand that the transmission and con-
version of products such as sulfur, tars, resins, certain acids and
heavy oils to higher value products can strain piping, valves,
and other steam service related infrastructure. All our jacketed
valves are built to exact quality control standards based
on wall thickness, welding procedures, metallurgy, and testing methods.

Whether your cooling or heating a process system, Reliant  Valve jacketed valves can do the job. Give us a call on your next project, we look forward to helping you.

Our Standard Support

•30 +Years In Business

•Product Liability Insurance

•Workmans Comp.  Insurance     
Certified ASME Welders

• Quality Control Manual


•WPS, PQR & WPQ Available On All

•Continuity Log On Welders

•Certificates Of Compliance On 
   Test Stands

•We Accept All Major Credit Cards